The clothes steamer

The clothes steamer has long been used by professionals in the world of fashion and Haute Couture before displaying items for sale or runway shows with perfectly steamed collections... without wrinkles from packing, transportation or handling. Its operating principle is simple. Apply steam at a temperature of 100°C directly to the fabric, even the most delicate fabrics, to remove wrinkles and return its natural beauty without any risk of shininess or felting. No ironing board, no high temperature, no crushing. The work is done vertically, the clothing often being placed on a belt or between runners. A gentle tension is applied to the fabric with the free hand and the steam is applied directly to the fabric. The natural beauty of the fibre is restored with the steam and clothing returns to its original appearance... without any stress to its surface. This simple method is particularly adapted to modern fabrics, often composed of a mix of natural and synthetic fabrics. The synthetic fibres are very sensitive to heat and do not do well with traditional ironing even though they are supposed to be easy to maintain and look nice.

Gecko-Steamer offers you a collection of clothes steamers, garment steamers or commercial steamers, designed and marketed with the desire to be always effective and attractive.

For home use, we strongly recommend high pressure steamers. They are very effective on everyday clothes, and their performance makes it possible to replace your conventional ironing solution.

For professional use on new clothes, we recommend low pressure steamers. We offer several models, which differ in particular by the power of the boiler and the volume of steam. Steam is the active ingredient, the more you have, the faster and more efficiently you work.

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